Recent work of Rene Boutin, 1999-2002
contact: 519-651-2827

Screen Shots of a 3D Golf Game

My role in the golf game was to take the 3D data of real golf courses (scanned in by a company that does that sort of thing), fix it up in 3DS Max so that the data was compatible with our game engine, find problems and correct them, create and apply textures, and then also create a cylindrical background map. Not exactly challenging work for me, but the results are pretty.

Only problem in those screenshots are the brown stone walls, which I have not corrected yet. You see, the engine is not a true 3D engine. It builds a static scene using billboard style objects and 3D terrain. Everything is planar mapped, which means things like curved walls must be broken up into sections in order for the mapping to work right.

Last note, the engine supports vertex shading, but these screenshots show the course without vertex shading.

Interesting side-note: I had to teach the lead programmer on this project how 3D data and game engines generally worked. He had no experience in 3D, and had to reverse engineer the engine so we could import new course holes into the game from 3DS Max).

A real-time 3D marketing game

This project's schedule was so tight, it was insane of us to do it. But we managed it. (We being myself and the lead programmer / co-designer). I was lead designer and artist. We had 10 days to go from concept to full completion. And in the end, the game is actually fun to play. *The ground in the final version is screwed up (vertex shading is all wrong).

A real-time 3D demo

This was fun to work on. It was a proof of concept demo for a client. You'll need to install a web-player (which I highly recommend. It's as robust as Wild Tangent). I worked on this demo for 2 weeks with another guy. I lead on the art and tweaked the scripting, while the other guy lead on the scripting and tweaked some graphics. You'll notice Half-Life textures in there... (hey, it was a demo and we had only 2 weeks, which included the learning curve of the Virtools 3D authoring application!)

My Online Games site

Much of my time is spent working on this site, since it is a source of extra income.

My own games are Spore Cubes, JumblePic, and BBall Shoot-Out.

Screen Shots of a Half-Life level

Basically the level or mission starts where the original Half-Life left off. You're freeman, and you've agreed to work for the man in the suit. You've learned valuable information from this, and you've decided you want to blow the whistle on the cover-up.

So under cover of night, you sneak to a warehouse / office building in a desert town, where you know important evidence is being kept. You arrive by boat along a river behind this complex (this would be a scripted intro), and up to a breach in a wall where they store garbage. Game starts with you in this narrow area. You have no weapons.

Description continued on screen shot page...

Flash Re-creation of Golf Game interface

I went a little nuts and recreated the gameplay interface from the golf game, as a Flash 4 thing. Having built the tutorial portion, I then went ahead and made it interactive. It's 95% accurate to the original game with only a few differences: 1. The frame rate is only 30 fps, and 2. The yellow markers that mark where you click and release the mouse button, are sometimes way off.


A corporate website
*Site and the company no longer exist.
I will post screenshots soon...*

I designed the website here, as well as the 2 Flash games. (For the games I designed them, programmed them in Flash 4, created the graphics, and editted and implemented the sound effects.)