A beginning to a Half-Life custom level:

(see previous page for intro to story) This is very early level work.
Details are minimal, textures are the original low-res game textures.

So here we start in the garbage alley. We see that this area is fenced off. The metal gate is locked, but we see that there are guards at the front door anyways. (Later revisions will show the player there are vehicles parked out there too).
The only way is... ...towards the back... Possibly entrance?
Another view of the back. The door is locked, but there appears to be an open window. We see that the window was smashed (recently?) A peek inside.
Still peeking, the coast appears to be clear. We seem to be in a basement storage area. There's a crowbar on the ground. It must have been used to break the window. Looking back, we see janitorial stuff.
What could be in there? This is very much a basement, but someone seems to have set up a small work space. ???