Pencil Drawings
Lady In Red 1995/1996? "pervertebrate". This is a character based on the skeleton logo of a friend's band called ???????. I envisioned what such a wretched human would look like. I drew it on paper, inked it and then gave it a parchment look in Photoshop.

The following are scans of pencil drawings dating 1986 to 1993.

Lady In Red After discovering the work of Hajime Soroyama (his famous "Sexy Robot" and pin-up illustrations), I was inspired to give it a try myself. I used color pencils, and am very satisfied with the results (it's about as realistic as can be in this particular medium and size). The drawing is of course based on a photograph.

*Warning: the full sized image is full-body and contains nudity.

Robin This is a sketch of a red Robin (the subject was stuffed. Makes it easy to draw when they're not flitting around, huh?)

Ferret-like thing This is a stuffed ferret-like animal.

Chipmunk A stuffed Chipmunk on a piece of wood (I think the piece of wood was stuffed too!)

Cow Skull A cow skull.

Crow This is a blackbird or crow.

Girl A girl (based on a photo)

Girl Another girl (based on a photo)

Chair This is a drawing of a chair after it was "processed" through a photocopy machine.

Jacket This is my first realistic drawing. From 1986.

Marker Drawings
Wedding Couple This is a marker drawing, based on a photograph.

Abstract Designs
The following are abstract conceptual designs.
Abstract designs in ink, on paper.

Abstract designs in marker.

Abstract designs in marker.

Abstract designs in marker.

Shady Zebs Abstract design painted in gouache.