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Update - February, 2002:
My latest work has involved everything from 3D modelling for real-time 3D games, to texture maps, to Flash games. As always, my specialty and true skills lie in game design and graphics for games. I've added the textures I created for my latest 3D game project, as well as finally adding more graphics from Grimoire and the Retrofx Ghosts n Goblins tribute.

If you're interested in seeing my Flash Games and multimedia, visit Spore Productions.


2D Graphics


These are texture maps used on 3D objects in my latest real-time 3D game. The style is semi realistic, skewing towards "video game" style with some of its vibrant colors.

There wasn't much time to fiddle with details and finishing touches. A texture like the garbage can took less than 30 minutes to create from scratch in Photoshop (no base image).

Try the game online by clicking here
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See these graphics in action!

2D graphics done with Photoshop, and Deluxe Paint...

More Graphics here!


My most recent graphics are for the PC roleplaying game GRIMOIRE coming out some time this decade.

This game uses a "step based" system much like the original Lands of Lore to achieve a rich 3D environment to move around in. I drew many seperate pieces such as wall fronts, wall side views, plus ceilings and floors which when combined look like these screen shots.

I also drew over 200 objects that the player can carry in their inventory, a few of which you can see at the bottom.

The graphics are all in 256 color mode and were 95% drawn at a pixel level. To see the palette I was restricted to, click here.

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These graphics show a modern day recreation of the classic game Ghosts 'n Goblins.

The rocky part was made with this texture as the base image. As you can see, the texture is quite flat looking. I added cracks and shadows, and shape in Photoshop. The ladder was handdrawn in Photoshop, as was the grass. The tombstones were 3D-rendered.

Mood Swing is a game I came up with while I taught myself how to code x86 assembler. I drew the graphics, and coded the entire game in ASM, DOS 320x200 mode, even going so far as writing my own graphics drawing routines and joystick input.

The general idea of the game is a sort of columns/puyo puyo variation, but each ball color has a "behaviour" (mood) that can randomly happen. Green sick ballsl infect other balls. The hot tempered red balls can explode. The Purple party animal invites his friends over (bunch of balls fall at once). There's even the evil ball who eats neighboring balls!

The DOS game was never released as it does not have sound. However a SHOCKWAVE version is currently in the works.

Various game related images (actual size).
Logo image for the VisualAge for Java developers website.
Universal Magnetic This is a cover design for a band's demo tape.

2D Animations

The following are 2D animations created for Alien Rampage using Deluxe Paint Animation. These animations are actual size. They are rather small because they were created for a 320x200 resolution. All these animations were hand rendered in Deluxe Animation. For the RockMan and Mort the Skeleton I used a Muybridge book as reference.
ED Walking ED Turning
ED Fire Blue ED destroyed


EGG-209 walking EGG-209 Turn "EGG-209"

Snake-hag moving "Snake-Hag"

"Fallen Hero"

"Mort" and a friend of Speedy Gonzales

Frames of Mort

Frames of Troll
Frames of Tentacle
Frames of Fallen Hero
Various Objects